Report Bias

Have you experienced bias, harassment, or discrimination? Use the report bias form for non-emergency incidents only. This form is anonymous.

For emergencies, including safety concerns for members of our community, call Harvard University Police at 617-495-1212 or dial 911. 

For health concerns call HUHS at (617) 495-5711

Every effort will be made to evaluate your report promptly, however, the timing and manner in which the College addresses the report will vary depending on the information provided and whether you wish to remain anonymous. The College does not guarantee it will respond to reports. This form may be used to report a bias-motivated incident involving Harvard College students.

The information contained in this report will be shared with the appropriate University officials involved in any subsequent monitoring, investigation, or resolution of the incident. Harvard takes the reports made through this site seriously. Please make your report as accurate and truthful as possible.