Programs & Events

Diversity Dialogue Series

The Diversity Dialogue Series offers a brave space to engage in community conversations that explore tough subjects around identity, belonging, diversity, and equity. Here, students can ask questions, raise concerns, and learn from each other’s lived experiences. Each semester, the DPEs will co-facilitate six dialogues on campus, which are open to Harvard students. Each dialogue is a 90 minute program and all six dialogues cover a variety of topics, which DPEs determine to be most relevant to the needs of their community and contribute to their efforts of building inclusion and belonging.

House & Dorm Projects

DPEs also lead projects in their local House or Dorm community at least once per semester. DPEs reflected on the unique culture on their individual house or dorm, and identify a project that would help address the specific needs of that community. These projects provide an opportunity to bring students together within a smaller residential community, to make DPE programming even more accessible. House and Dorm Projects are structured differently within each house, and can also be reoccurring on a more frequent basis. DPEs work closely with Proctors and Tutors to also help determine how to structure more opportunities for students to interact more and learn from each other within these residential spaces.

Special Events

DPEs also lead special events throughout the academic year. The special events can range in topic and are also intended to allow DPEs to work closely with office staff to conduct a program that aligns with the DPE mission as well as the broader mission of the office. As a result, DPEs have an opportunity to support the efforts of the office in a wide range of potential programs that serve the broader Harvard College community.

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DPE Training & Consultation Requests

DPEs also offer trainings and consultations to interested Harvard College student organizations and student programs on campus. We offer private diversity consultations with student leaders, as well as trainings for general membership. In order for the DPE Training and Consultation Specialty Team to tailor the training to match the needs of each interested group, we meet for a preliminary consultation and allocate a minimum two weeks of preparation before moving forward with any training requests.

Please keep in mind that DPEs are only available when classes are in session throughout the Fall and Spring semesters of each academic year. If you are a faculty, staff, or administrator and would like to make a request for a DPE focus group or consultation please email Diana Giron at

We offer five different training modules, which can be customized as needed:

  1. Intro to Core Diversity Concepts, Definitions, and Language
  2. Supporting First-Year Students From Diverse Backgrounds
  3. Intro to Dialogue and Facilitation for Diverse Groups
  4. Assessing Organizational Culture and Building Practices of Inclusion
  5. Individual Identity Reflection and Sharing

Interested Harvard College student organizations can submit a DPE Training & Consultation Request Form for AY20-21