Hiring Process

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DPE hiring has concluded for the 2017-2018 academic year.


Please revisit this page in August of 2018 for updated information about next year's DPE application process.

Do you have opinions on social justice at Harvard?
Do you wish that Harvard had more programs to promote inclusion and belonging?
Do you perhaps think that “diversity” is not enough?
The DPE Role:
DPEs lead trainings around issues of diversity and inclusion, host special events to promote social justice on campus, and serve as ambassadors for the Office for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion. 
Harvard College undergraduates of any class year can apply. No formal training or experience is required. Students who are team-oriented, highly collaborative, and passionate about social justice and fostering inclusion are encouraged to apply.
Position Details:
DPEs are paid $11 per hour,  work 8-10 hours per week, and commit to working during both fall and spring semesters. They attend weekly trainings to learn more about social justice and to enhance their skills in faciliation, conflict resolution, and curriculum design. DPEs also attend weekly staff meetings and work out of the DPE office 4 hours per week planning their events. 
Want to learn more? Attend one of our Information Sessions where returning DPEs will talk about their previous experience working as DPEs, and answer any questions you may have. 
Ready to Apply?
1. Review the DPE 2017-2018 Internship Description in OrgSync
OR download the PDF at the bottom of this page.
2. Submit your online DPE 2017-2018 Internship Application form in OrgSync.
You will need to login with your Harvard Key to access the form. 

Questions? Contact Ileana Casellas-Katz, Administrative Fellow for the Office for Equity, Diversity & Inclusion, at ileana_casellaskatz@fas.harvard.edu.

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