Diversity Peer Educators

DPE Mission

We are a group of peer educators who dare to be aspirational in imaging a better Harvard community, a community that recognizes the inherent dignity and potential of every student and person. We believe that every student should have a stake in creating a community to which they have a right to belong. We work to create a better community by centering student voices, and fostering brave spaces across campus where we can show up for each other with a sense of urgency. We hope to use our voices to advocate and amplify the voices that need to be heard the most in creating the community that we deserve.­­­

Who Are DPEs

DPEs are trained student facilitators who utilize their passion for inclusion, intersectionality, and social justice to help create a better Harvard community. Through dialogue DPEs center student voices and help develop brave spaces where students can show up for each other, share their identities and connect through both commonality and difference.

ODES interns, known as Diversity Peer Educators

Photo: Diversity Peer Educators for 2019-2020 academic year.