Campus Services and Resources

Harvard has a distinctive residential college model which supports students through nested layers of support offered across the College and student trajectory.  Support for undocumented students happens in the residence halls through special programming by the Dean of Students Office. The support starts with Admissions programs which identify students and offer support throughout the first year.  The mechanisms for support span the personal, social and intellectual transformations that Harvard College seeks to manifest. Academically, there are trained supports throughout the advising system for first through senior year. Socially, there are a few different student groups which provide programming and mentoring.  And personally, there is a strong partnership between various offices such Health Services, Career Services, the International Office, and the student groups to maximize options and ensure safety. Below please find an enumeration of the variety of programs and services offered at Harvard for first generation and low income students.

Office of Diversity Education & Support  
Grace Montero, Program Coordinator

Advising Programs Office (APO) Learn More
Anne Marie Sousa, Director of Advising Programs

Financial Aid Office (FAO)  Learn More
Janet Irons, Senior Associate Director of Financial Aid & Senior Admissions Officer

Harvard Law School Immigration Clinic (HIRC)  Learn More
Free Legal and Social Services
Sabrineh Ardalan, Assistant Director HIRC
Jason Corral, Immigration Attorney
Liala Buoniconti, Social Worker

Counseling and Mental Health Services (CAMHS)  Learn More
Carolina Gonzalez, Therapist
Kevin Wehmhoefer, Therapist

Bureau of Study Counsel (BSC)  Learn More
Aurora Sanfeliz, Academic Counselor
Niti Seth, Academic Counselor

Office of International Education (OIE)  Learn More
Camila Nardozzi, Director, Office of International Education

Harvard International Office (HIO)  Learn More
Tana Ruegamer, Advisor

Office of Career Services (OCS) Learn More
Robin Mount, Director of Career Services

Office of Undergraduate Research and Fellowships (URAF)  Learn More
Assistant Director

Dean of Students Office (DSO)  Learn More
Jasmine Waddell, Elm Yard Dean

Center for Public Interest Careers and Harvard Public Service Network (CPIC)  Learn More
Varsha Ghosh, Manager

Act On A Dream  Learn More
Harvard College Act on a Dream is a student-led, student-run organization dedicated to eradicating the barriers that immigrant students face in realizing their full potential. We believe in the importance of engaging all youth, regardless of background, and their adult allies in working for the preservation of America’s pledge as the land of opportunity.

Doctors Who DREAM

Pre-Health Dreamers
Informally co-founded by three undocumented youth in the San Francisco Bay Area, Pre-Health Dreamers was formed out of the need for answers in their personal pursuits of higher education at the graduate and medical levels. Angel, Denisse, and New have paved their own paths throughout college and have leveraged each person’s expertise in skillful advocacy, networking, and community-building to build a community, resource, and forum. The varied but unique backgrounds and perspectives of each individual contribute to the ambitious mission of Pre-Health Dreamers.